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Re: Sec. of Arts petition

In the UK we have an Arts minister. He/she plays a very prominent role in arts funding, and can be held to account publically when the government doesn't give the arts a fair deal. No arts minister, no government accountability. It's war out there - popular culture can stand on its own two feet. The ARTS need to be spread. To take Evaldart's line, the arts can save us. We need people to be employed to further the cause, to invite interest, to manage educational projects and pay for public art. Hey, chamber music: its subtle, Glenn, not boring. Funding spreads the subtlety.
Our largest publically funded arts body is 'The Arts Council of Great Britain'. Visit the website (there may be separate bodies for England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland). We also have other bodies, like 'Arts East', 'Arts South-West' that channel arts funding to local commmunities, and that includes offering help to deprived communities, including the disabled. Good stuff. We're civilised, this is what we do.
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