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Registration information - questions or problems?

There is no charge to register, and you can view many sections of the community without registering.

Just browse the the forum as you like and then register, it's free, and we're trying to make it as painless as possible.

We do need you to register to have full use of the community because we try to keep automated spamming advertisements off the board, and this is the best way we've found to do that for this type of forum. It also helps keep the quality of the forum at a higher level.

After registering you are welcome to post information yourself or look in the Calls for Artists Submissions section.

To register:

The registration dialogue box comes up when you hit the register button at the top right of the screen or when you try and post something and you haven't already registered.

To register you basically just need a user name and password. Most anything else you may choose to fill in or just leave blank and you can always change it later if you wish.

If you do have a problem check to see that you have something in each of the top fields of the required information section - if you get an error please try to correct the information, and be sure to retype the password field again.

The location field (where you live) is not required, but we really like you to enter a region at least. People all over the world are using this!

If you have any problem registering, email me information about your computer type and browser that you are using and I'll try and help you.
Russ RuBert
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