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Re: I would like post picture

Originally Posted by noppadonsculp
"Pensive"1998,Fiberglass,Mirror.200x200x100cm. concept:Think to my grandmother. She die in1997 but when I thinking to her she still on my head and my memorial.
All the artists,
And especially noppadonsculp,
Realyy your art is great. I ecxited seeing your art, and wonder thinking the gift of God(art). Here, I have downloaded some photos of my carving. Mostly these are the statues of worldfamous personalities. I have made these statues for Gift to my Nation- NEPAL. My dream is giving 1000 statues(18"x15")of worldfamous personalities to my nation as a GIFT. I have finist more than 50 statues of those and I am keeping it on.
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