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Re: What's your intension as an artist?

congrats on the new baby?
your own lengthy discourse supports my assertion:
their own voice that they believe in whole-heartedly is not bravado, it's survival.
You believe whole-heartedly in your own PR. It is what you are selling to your students, and they are buying because of your rational-seeming argument and the strength of your convictions. it is your unique contribution and no different in its role than Evaldart's assertions for himself in its function. survival.
If you don't inspire a similar zeal in your students and the means to find their own voice you are doing them a disservice. They will be far less likely to be successful at this stuff. They may get a job and be successful, but they will not be a successful artist. And YES, I do think you owe it to them to give them the tools to be successful on some front. They either need the strength of their convictions and a belief in their skills, or be really good at making omelettes or something.
Taking my own advice
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