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Re: Difference between Art and Craft - A Craftsman's Take

My wife is a Montessori elementary teacher and so I get to see 1st through 6th grade art, including on the occasions when I teach an art class there. Some of the work is so precious and full of pure heart and joy that it could not fail to move you. Isn't that a large part of what art is about?

As for technical skills, that has a lot to do with how they are taught. Here is a picture from a summer class that I taught, teaching bas-relief using ancient Greek and Roman coins as models. As you can see, they respond well to solid instruction and most did amazing work.

One of my favorites was done by a first-grader, of a tetradrachm from Messana, Sicily, about 440 BC, depicting a leaping hare, with a smaller dolphin underneath. I have a plaster cast of her work at home. She did not get all the perfect edges and form of the Sicilian engravers, but close enough to communicate the concept and with the expression of an innocent heart that brings a smile to the face.

There is so much that falls short of being as moving as the work of children, which we are willing to call art. I think that "Children's Art" is another category, like primative art, pop art, ( or with the current trends, poop art ) that is a broad and inclusive term, but does in fact contain within it some true art.
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