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Re: internet; no longer the last frontier

Rules? How about the golden one? If you respond to a dumb shit post aren't you violating the golden one? Why not ignore stupidity? Responding fuels the flames and the flamers. Self discipline. Does it need to be rules?
Many people have the occasional "Oscar" day. You can probably tell who would respond to a nudge & a query. Sometimes it's that sort of day & sometimes they're pissed for a reason-- in which case asking if they have PMS is a bad idea.
I respond like I give a rat's ass about people and hope they would do the same. Sometimes that means giving space & ignoring the aberrant behavior & sometimes it's calling them out for the attitude that's apparently part of something larger.
Where's the fun in self discipline? Where's the risk? the life force?
I promise I won't defecate in your petunias, but I won't promise to never go out on a limb and risk pissing someone off to say something that I think needs saying-- decorum and self discipline be damned.
I hope you all would feel the same freedom.

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