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Re: internet; no longer the last frontier

i think there could be more harm being done here than some relize. mentally ill people already have to deal with stigma. and with some of the posting going on here it only makes it worse in real life. iam sure that some people on here have an even lower out look on people with disabiltys. now with some of these rediculous post. by a certian perosn. iam sure lots of people reading this will now think whenever they here of someone with a mental disabilty. oh theres another asshole and quickly go the other way. and in one perticullar post it could have been taken as a threat with a statement like i would sure like to pull up in your driveway. iam sure we all know of the psyhotic astronaught that drove accross contry wereing a diaper iam actully starting to get sick of it myself and bleive it can be doing real harm in the real world
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