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Re: The Role of the Artist

Originally Posted by jOe~
I take elemental to mean, basic, fundamental, primal,as in one of the basic elements.Message art? Where and when did that enter? I don't know how that misreading(?) crept in. Nothing I was thinking about.
Cooljamesx1: “Not to say that art can't be beautiful as well as political, but generally I find that art is more visually pleasing when it is created just for the beauty of the shapes and not to make a statement.”

Cmustard: “Cooljames, I agree with you. Purely visual statments are very powerful on there own. In my opinion, the attempt to intergrade a literal message lessens the visual impact.”

OK, Joe - When I said "many people", it was these two, in a couple of cases. And I agree with the thought.

As far as "elemental", you do give typical meanings, but I don't see why the writer emphasizes that, or why Cantab picks this to quote. Earth, air, fire and water, or sometimes variants, were the four elements of the early Greek philosophers. Is this writer just leaping into the air about one of them? And, if so, why? He doesn’t elaborate, in this quote; it’s just a dangling thought.
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