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Re: Abstract Art vs Realism

Actually weíre not that far apart in our thinking Anatomist1, just in our approach. The thesis appears to contradict its self because of brevity; I donít want to bore people with mental minutia who are coming from a very different head space.
Iím generally against formal training and donít study other artist work or approaches for the simple reason that I think it stifles original creative thought. When I view art it is not from the fine detail nuance point of view but more from seeing the overall big picture Ė the psychology of their lifeís out put, creative exploration, expression and honing of the visual language rather than a specific paintings per say.

Aaaarg, this is so hard to explain.

What Iím working towards as an artist is the Avante Garde edge, so understanding the structures behind other artistic languages is relevant to developing a new discourse.
Letís say Iím approaching it more from the linguist point of view. Understanding the tonal inflections of languages and how their structured naturally in a way that expresses their cultural history as a people rather than the specific language/words in and of themself.

For example the Zulu clicks, whistles and wind sounds as an artifact of living on the edge of herds as a hunter people, the French languages graceful poetic sound matches with their love of fine things, the almost military clip and forcefulness of German and their concurrent history and so on. Languages carry a lot of information about a people without one having to speak the actual language.

My approach to art, at least at this time, is similar. Especially with Modern and Contemporary work it is difficult to give a specific Ďsentenceí. But it is possible to build an effective overall view and impression of an environment, idea or concept.

*sigh* Sometimes these conversations are just better in person.
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