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Re: Sculpting vs casting

some time ago I entered a competition to produce 3 life sized bronze corgi's(dogs) to celebrate the Queen(of England)s Jubilee and bugger me I won! I may have insinuated that I had the facility to produce the finished product ie a fully functioning foundry which could have swayed the judicial panel. I arrived home to announce to my sternest critic that we were getting rid of the chooks as I needed the shed to make into a foundry. I have been told repeatedly by this same person(my wife) that my ambition exceeds my ability by a considerable margin. But eventually the foundry was built and the corgis were cast and installed. The cognisenti on the west side of town hated them but the east side and the skate boarders loved them. They were placed at ground level on the footpath for maximum interaction which contributed to the destruction of many a pair of fishnet stockings assisted no doubt by the odd ardent suitor. Privately I was as thrilled by the brass plaque which described this humble veterinarian as an artist as I was by the dogs themselves. They had trailing leads which were intended to give the impression that Her Majesty was not far behind her escaping charges. Sadly the skateboarders soon levered them off.
Why do I tell you this? Because without the foundry I would not have got the commision and I suspect would not have been brave enough to go on with my other sculpture ideas if I had to pay to have a foundry finish the pieces
With all this I have learned to make better moulds better waxes and better castings.
I was enormously comforted by a trip to Florence Italy where I talked my way into a traditional art foundry for 4 weeks and discovered that the problems I was having with solid investment had not been entirely solved by them
I am somewhat of an imposter in that I still work 2 days a week as a vet which means that I am not entirely reliant on sculpture for my income
They survived the series of earthquakes here and have been put into storage. But one has been stolen. I now have the oportunity to make another. This will be a post earthquake corgi. With the mood of this town it will have to be pissing on a wall in defiance of the destruction surrounding the site
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