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Re: Mis-heard song lyrics

As a kid I loved Steppenwolf's "Born to Be Wild". That didn't stop me from getting three of the lines wrong! Worse still, it wasn't until the more recent youtube phenomena that I discovered 2 of the 3 errors. And, just checking the printed lyrics, I found yet more hearing errors! Unbelieveable! First, the three I knew about from re-listening:

Not to waste time, got the first line wrong:

"Get your motor running..."

became either "Hitchin' for a ridin'" or "Hitchin' for a runnin'"

But fortunately I figured that one out, er, 15 years ago.

Then there was:

"Fire all your guns at once and, explode into space"

the last part of which I heard as " get loaded with space"

and for balance sake, I flubbed the last line:

"We can climb so high, I never want to die!"

into (and this is hard to believe!) "With the grass so high, I never want to die"
( but after all, he earlier says "like a true nature's child", so why shouldn't the nice tall grass be important to him? Plus, it could also refer to smoking weed, so it seemed to fit)

The other errors, only realized today, are:

"Yeah darlin' go make it happen"

heard as "yeah gotta go make it happen"

"I like smoke and lightning
Heavy metal thunder"

I thought was, " I like somethin' nice n'...
Every little thunder"

Which of course makes lots of sense, right? But, at least its not possible to miss the feeling of the song!
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