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Re: australian wedgetail eagle

thanks GIOTTO and Mack
Yes the shed is a bloody mess but I know where to locate everything ( the work safety inspectors would close me down if they saw it ) I normally do a clean up when i trip over more than three times a day (excluding alcohol induced accidents) I work in a frenzy if i stop to put away or sweep , i loose the last thought or idea. so I race from idea to idea.( sometimes in slow motion.) A most difficult task is taking, for example a piece of bent rod to the work for sizing and analysis then back to the vice for adjustment to a 3D plan just inserted in my head. Distractions are not welcome or helpful.
Mack Ive got a show that im going to enter in Lockhart NSW called " Spirit of the land" which is full of the stuff like i do. Its the second week in Oct so gotta pull my finger out. Apart from that I have found the sculpturing a bit of an addiction and i am most upset if I cant get out the shed to do more.
It fills a place in me that nothing else does.
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