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Re: australian wedgetail eagle

thank you fritchie, obseq and ahirschman
The eagle wing span will be around 12 - 14 foot. As some of you realize this can be a big problem with structural integrity. I am not an engineer but i am sure the vertical load at the armpits will be very close to exceeding the strength of the 2 inch heavy walled box section that the 'arms' slip into. Like the horse , this one will be able to be moved by one man through a household doorway so it is made in sections. the wingtips and primary feathers in one piece, the 'arms' (skeletal and musculature) in another, the array of secondary feathers in a single bank, a light textured wing covers , tail , chest and main mount , head and feet assemby.
I will use my lightest feathers out the furtherest. If i get problems with wing bend I can sneek a light web truss above the 'arms' and worst case a small strut under the wing. This is not a problem for the real bird with its light wings and the 'lift' that the clasic wing profile provides. I wanted steel not Aluminum so I am not sure if the laws of physics will defeat the council roller driver and bobcat man (me) we shall see !
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