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Re: Awesome Sculpture du Jour

So am I supposed to anthropomorphosize this thing and respect it?. This condition, this place, this "greater" to my own "smaller". Hardly. Nature is fortunate for the unfathomable occurrence of each of us flopping into our possessions of self-consciousness. Otherwise it would be totally unregarded - which, to a dolt, is worse even than being ignored or despised. Then there would be no dupes, suckers and kneelers to give it presence. No, Nature depends 100% upon my attention; cause without THAT it is nothing. It depends exactly as much upon YOUR attention too (and Glenns and Nelsons and everyone else's - one at a time). It cant make any rules, this Nature, cause it cant tell the difference between anything that happens. It simply "IS". And this "is" is a condition to be surpassed. Some humans surpass it; and some stay in servitude to a pet rock floating about in space. And thats a damned shame.

There is no way to communicate all this without the employment of some verbal compositional sensibility. So your intuitive interpretation will be the correct one.

Sunsets are beautiful because I let them be. And volcanoes are disasters IF I let them be. see?
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