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Re: Awesome Sculpture du Jour

The aspects that you mention in regards to the word "control" are not what makes anything ART, it takes something more than that. For example, I would be more inclined to say art is about "Love" than about "control", if we were to try to narrow things down to an "art is about..." phrase. Reason being that it is the quality of heart with which one embues their creative effort that can transform something beyond the common into the realm of art.

However, I don't think there is a single word or even small group of them that can define art as being this or that, and certainly not "control". Nor does "mass-mass relationship" or "mass-space relationship" tell me anything about art. These are just mental linguistic concepts. Something to talk about when not actually creating ART.

Meanwhile, since it seems this thread was intended for the posting of sculpture photos, here is another one that I like:
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