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Re: Awesome Sculpture du Jour

[quote=GlennT;90602]I have been an artist for a reasonable period of time, but I don't recall the phrase "art is about control" having come up in any learning or discussions. Glenn,

Almost everything in the physical world is about control. Controlling oil in water, controlling communities with neighborhoods and laws. In art: the control pigments in painting a landscape, carving stone into the form of a horse or human, or abstract form, our bodies in dance, our fingers in making sounds, etc. Farmers control the soil and insects food. We learn skills to work so that we can better control the media that we have selected. An artist doing a bronze portrait has to have many skills to insure the final product is his art and not the combination of several artisans along the way.

At many times in art history there have been artist who 's ideas have been far greater than their individual skills or desires. Oldenburg didn't dig the holes himself. He had skilled grave diggers do the job for him so that it would be a more perfect 6X6X6 cube in the ground. The concept was his and in turn the art statement was his. Actually, I have never heard or read anyplace that this or anything else was a MASS-MASS relationship, but that is what it is. You know about this art project only because you read it here. Nature can make some beautiful holes an d things and we all seen them. But that is not what I am talking about. I am writing here to cause one to think in relation to what is possible without making more Mass-space relationships over and over again. As to a room full of controlled air. I couldn't control the air to my satisfaction, so I stopped trying, but it still is the only SPACE-SPACE relationship I think possible.

Not every art-object that mimics art--- IS ART. Surely, everything I make is not ART, but sometimes I know it is and that is what is important.
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