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Re: Awesome Sculpture du Jour

Originally Posted by jOe~ View Post
Great. We can do without the "better" judgments. But at some point you will need to justify your project as more than just "hot air" if you want to do an installation, get funding, whatever. I'd be interested in reading the "statement" that explains the endeavor. Why should folks pay attention to your fan, versus a breeze?

Joe, mainly I was referring to thinking of the basics of sculpture, rather than installations (the place that theater folks come to play sculptor). You know piling up a bunch of garbage and trash in a nice, clean, white, Public Supported Gallery or Court House. One does not have to have "justification" and "funding" to make art.

You missed the point, Joe. That was the statement. Folks are not to pay attention to "your fan". They are to think about the line and form that is shaped when mechanically produced air flow, either hot or cold, as its makes way through regular atmosphere. The total denial of mass while forming a three dimensional object. A breeze, simply blows against the next breeze or into stillness.

One more point: Isn't art about control? How do you propose to make meaningful art with justification and funding and no artist control?
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