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Re: direct modeling without an armature: can i do it with wax?

This has been an interesting thread. You have lured me, a longtime lurker, into the discussion.
A couple of things, based on the original post by hpatenaude.
It is not a problem to create small waxes without an armature, but longterm storage is out. Even kept in cool temperatures, they will begin to 'slump' under the contant tug of gravity. Longterm exposure to moisture, such as tanks, or refrigeration (condensation) will lead to mold problems.
However, small waxes can usually be cast directly in bronze, as an inexpensive alternative. Then they will last forever.
Then, on hpatenaude's love of stone sculpture but inability to properly pursue that due to logistical circumstances......get creative.
A metalworking friend of mine had exactly the same problem.....incessant hammering much too loud for the neighborhood, no money for a studio. He checked with all the local wrought iron manufacturers. One not only had a space, the space was filled with hand metalworking tools rendered obsolete by modern mass produced approaches. The owner was happy to let my friend bang away at all hours, and after seeing the output, began to market his handwrought ironwork to his existing customers.
Eventually my friend left there, but with a body of work, and some very large completed commissions under his belt.
The creative mind doesn't only apply to your work, but to your entire life. You know what you want to do.....find a way. It's a lifestyle.
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