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Re: Let's See Some Work!!!

Thanks Alfred I appreciate it.
I really like your super hero work. Especially the Hulk. looks like an original take on the character. Sure it's possible that a mostly fine art guy to work sculpting superhero stuff and the like. Although I've found that with the fine art community in general, collectors and galleries, don't really like to know that a gallery artist also makes 'toys and figurines'.

If you haven't yet, you should start posting your stuff on these forum websites

Lots of people post their work on the sculpting threads where people in the biz
frequent and network. Also e-mailing some images directly to the companies
always is a good idea.

Most the work one gets in this genre are sculpture that emulate or copy a certain well known 2D comic book artist style. That's what most collectors really want and get really picky about. I guess that's why it's called commercial art.

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