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Re: Let's See Some Work!!!

Wow, i feel so inspired by all of the pics here.

It makes we want to try to make something more demanding, i am planning on making some big concrete sculptures for the first time, very soon. What i have seen here have compelled me to do my best on them. Thank YOU.

Here is my latest clay creation. Anyway, it is my new Cthulhu idol. Its nothing in terms of craftmanship. But it was finished under the bloodmoon of Nov 25.

The eyes are marble i carved out of a mountain in Norway or Sweden when i was a kid. The fingernails are shattered shark teeth, the thumb nails and the toe nails are cat claws. The shoulders are nutshells and the idol has a stone foot with a carving on the side.

There are plenty pics of it here on flickr:

I am going to work on the level of crafting involved in my stuff.
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