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Wink 'kinda sad people don't understand'

Well I tried to follow the sculptors comments and I came up with this scenario.

The guy started his sculpt with the figure and ran out of money to include the necessary CONTEXT for his figure's pose to be understood.

If that pose is supposed to be of a figure throwing his hands out to counter balance the dynamic forces in action when surfing like when one has crested a wave/ riding down the face of a wave/executing a turn on a wave and/or has their center of gravity + inertial energy determining their pose at any given moment entirely determined by their relationship to the wave - you had damn well better include the wave in your sculpt or else you wind up with what this guy has got - a boatload of criticism for an incomprehensible pose.

If he need to make the wave out of paper mache and mount the bronze element on the wave, oriented in a way that makes the pose make sense, then that is what he has to do. Cut costs and wind up with a less 'elegant' mixed media piece instead of a hugely expensive 'bronze wave and rider' sculpt.

It comes down to poor planning - choosing a figure pose that is too context specific to be understood and then not including the context gets you a situation like this artist has. It's a shame too, the figure isn't all that bad and that bronze costs a LOT = money wasted now (and reputation smeared).

It is a lesson for anyone who wants to do 'action' sculpts - choose that pose carefully - make sure the project 'works'.

*Cue the Surfaris: WIPEOUT!*

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