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Re: Artist defends surfing sculpture amid criticism

As often, I agree with GlennT. Those "flowers" mentioned by Merlion pretty obviously are meant to represent waves cresting or crashing near the board, and if that was all that was wrong, the piece could be good. The body overall is very well done, showing quite a bit of sculptural talent and skill, but the pose is way off for a surfer, and the facial expression is plain silly. A look of anticipation was intended, I expect, but that's not how I read it.

Before I gave up TV some years back, I often caught surfing competitions through various sources, and this simply is not a balanced, active pose under any conditions. The images posted by Underfoot are good, with two very different, wide-armed moments. The one with the torso more folded probably is more typical under difficult, instantaneous conditions, but the open one would make a better sculpture.

Actually, that person seems to be riding a pipe, and that's not a generally very dynamic form for sculpture. Difficult to do, clearly, but a better pose would be with a wave cresting, as was chosen, and with the rider at a better moment, in a more open form.

[Added later, and those who know better, please forgive the errors.] No pipe involved. The more open figure, on the left, clearly is just finishing a strong turn, maybe 270 degrees. The one on the right, with a more folded pose, also seems to be finishing a turn, but at the end of a wave, and probably near shore.]

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