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Re: schooling?

Originally Posted by LaForte_2oo5
Hello, I'm a young artist looking more into sculpting, I was wondering how many of you went to school after high school for your art and if so where? Right now I'm not sure if I really want to go to a school (for various reasons) but if i do I'm looking at North Carolina School of the Arts (I live in NC)...any advice?
I agree with both of the previous perspectives - yes, higher education, and no, experiment and discover on your own - I've done both. I went to Parochial school and we didn't have any art classes at all. I've always made things, so I did anyway in spite of the lack of guidance, but when I went to Mass College of Art in Boston I had the opportunity to try media like ceramics that I had no access to at home and techniques and styles to learn from that gave me a better range of choices. I only went for a year and a half before one of the other art students and I got married and started a family. I worked on my own then and developed and strengthened my skills, exhibited and so on. Then, many years later I went back to the Museum School to finish my degree thinking I'd focus on painting, which is what I had been exhibiting. The tuition was very high, so I took advantage of averything that was offered to make the most of the huge investment. The Museum School is probably one of the most open format art schools available, so yo are not locked into set classes or choosing a major as long as you are workoing and learning. They offered a six week non-credit class during lunchtimes called "Arcs and Sparks" and I took it because it was included in the tuition. I had never once in my life thought about such an industrial thing as welding. Now I am a sculptor and have my own welding shop. There is no way that I would have stumbled into welding without school. In my view, one of the great things about school is access to the fascilities and the help of the people there.
I went through parts of North Carolina last summer on a road trip, but don't know anything about that school. Try to contact some students who are there now and go for one of the guided tours to check out what's available.
Best of luck!
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