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Re: Sculpting Stand

I made the one in the picture. It now has a different, more adjustable vise on the top.

Making one of these is relatively easy for me, and should be for anyone who works with steel. It is basically just a plate, cut to fit the bottom of the vise, welded to a pipe. Another pipe, that the top's pipe fits within, has three legs welded to it. To hold the top one in place a hole is drilled into the base pipe and a nut welded there, into which a bolt with a welded t-handle is screwed. For a rotating top, another 3 or 4" length of big tube with a bolt/nut adjuster is added. The trick is figuring out a decent vise to use for the purpose, and deciding on a base diameter, if you aren't going to bolt it down. If you want to torque or pound on the object in the vise much, you'll need a bigger area of base than mine, which is about 2 feet. I only use mine for welding and light grinding.

Aside from the cost of the vise, the amount of steel for one of these things should only cost a few dollars. You might be able to find someone who fabricates steel to make one, and it should only take them an hour or two.

A very simple alternative would be to buy a wooden barstool and bolt a vise to the top of it... maybe use a couple of 2x4s to attach a 2 to 3 foot plywood disc to the bottom, which you could stand on while working to keep it from moving around. You wouldn't get spin or height adjustability though. I don't really see a sturdy, height adjustable model being made of wood without being huge and unweildy.
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