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Re: Help wanted: how to soften hard oil clay?

Originally Posted by dondougan
Oil-based clays are basically natural clay flour, oil or grease, and wax in various proportions.

When I was a student years ago George Beasley (Thanks, George!) gave me this formula for plasteline:

20 lbs. microcrystalline wax
50 lbs. clay flour
6 qts. motor oil
2 or 3 lbs. grease

If you add more oil the clay becomes more plastic, if you add more wax the clay becomes firmer.

Melt wax in double boiler, add grease & oil and mix - then add clay and mix.

I have found that mineral oil also works well for the oil.
Thanx Don and George-----one of my sculpting fellows (Dwight-mentioned above) had mentioned making his own clay---but I hadn't gotten his details.
Yours fills that void.

as/re "grease" any old grease? or should I use lithium grease--and I'm guessing that the grease also would make the clay more plastic. True?

I was already using heatlamps and a clay oven i made(after Dwights fiasco) using 2 light fixtures and a piece of sheetmetal duct, but could only process a few lbs at a time, and when throwing up a large shape the tedious ponderous slowness really scraped the edge off my creative process.

i'm gonna copy and paste and print the above.
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