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Re: Help wanted:soften hard oil clay? Heat lamp

Originally Posted by sculptor
uh gee
1/2 lb pieces
lets see----------at about 180-240 lbs/lifesize piece thats 360-480 1/2 lb nuke trips
----------(and I was hoping for a simpler solution)
Rod - I sympathize with the hard clay problem. I always have used a medium-hard oilclay, but even that hardens if it sits a long time. And I did have your experience about mixed clays being softer, but that was a disappointment for me, as my clay already was as soft as I wanted it to be. I tried to mix some white from a different manufacturer with the dark gray-green I normally use. I gave the rest of the white to a beginner.

You might use heat lamps to soften the clay bit by bit. I do this regularly on cold days, but with a regular 100-watt light. You could cut it off as it softens and then proceed.

Somewhere early in this forum I believe, or possibly in Russí old forum, a person who seemed familiar with clays said that the softener used is a heavy oil, such as automobile engine oil, but probably purified for color. That suggests any clear mineral (not food or organic) oil might work. Try a small bit first.

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