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Help wanted: how to soften hard oil clay?

I've recently removed the clay from the mermaid armature so I could us it in my lifesize screaming man piece.

I had bought a lot of #4(hard roma plastalina) so it would hold detail.
Problem is: it is darned difficult to work unless I warm it in the oven first, and then beat and roll it continuously as I work-------this slows me down alot and is darned tough on my wrists--------so I wanna soften it.

I have mixed some with old softer clay which hepled a little, but not enough.

Previously, I had mixed old clay together, and melted it in a double boiler, then mixed it in a bucket with a drill and old boat propeller, which made the mixture softer than any of the ingredients. Maybe from entrained air?

I was thinking that maybe mixing in some mineral oil, or soft wax might help.

I would love some advice or stray ideas here.

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