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Re: What is Sculpture?

Fritchie – Semantics: relating to meaning/connotation in language. As a branch of philosphy or linguistics – relating to the issue of meaning in language. I’m surprised that you normally want to “run the other way” from these discussions. The question ‘What is sculpture?’ invites us to interrogate - ‘unpack’ - the possible meanings and connotations of the word ‘sculpture’. Surely this is not unlike what we do when we look at a sculpture. Our aesthetic sensibilities ‘interrogate’ the form, or the series of forms, and assemble thereby an understanding. Isn’t this exactly what we are doing with the word ‘sculpture’ here? The difference is that one interrogation is verbal, whereas the exploration of a sculpture is non-verbal, (and hence appears less artificial by comparison?). The thing about abstract nouns like ‘sculpture’ is that, unlike concrete nouns (tree, house etc), they only refer to what has been historically attached to them, so it is sometimes valid to stop and have a look at what we have come to mean by such words. Isn’t it? (Sorry, folks – hope this isn’t a distraction from the core focus of the thread).

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