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Hi Fritchie, You wrote;
All things change with time, including the meaning of words and phrases (fortunately or unfortunately, according to one's viewpoint).
LOL That's whats wrong with the world, nobody is on the same page anymore.
I titled this thread Conceptualization of new art, not to say your post is out of place, because we are discussing Conceptual art as well. I wanted to get at just how sculptors go about generating ideas.

I believe you have used the term perfectly correctly and I understood your "concept" for this thread. I think CloudDreamer used the term in a different sense, figuratively, so I just wanted to be clear. I thought when I immigrated to the USA in 1977 that I wouldnt have any trouble with language as I am english speaking. WRONG!! lol

Back to the revolving table. I just came up for a bit of air.
Victoria Varley
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