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Re: Public displaying of Nude Art

Ha, ha! Here is another piece of news about controversy over public nude art in a shop window. This is in San Francisco, and the artwork is a beautifully done male nude torso sculpture. There is even a video on it.

Controversy Over Naked Statue In Castro
Owner Covers Sculpture's Torso

"A statue of a naked man in San Francisco's Castro district is causing controversy.

"Some parents have complained the anatomically-correct sculpture is too explicit to be kept in a store window - even in the sexually-liberated Castro. Police threatened to cite the statue's owner and confiscate the $3,800 piece of art.

"The owner covered a key portion of it, but still can't believe anyone complained.

"Robert Hedric, 'Phantom SF' owner: "I was shocked and to some point, devastated. It was quite mind boggling, because I thought to myself, am I in San Francisco? Am I in the Castro, or not?" [snip]"

Details in

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