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Re: Is anyone making any money ?

Just arrived here. Very helpful forum. My first post.

If it is for sale i can generate the enthusiasm, professional attitude and hopefully ideas to make the art. If it is not going to be put out there with a price on it i am too damn lazy to make anything worth anything. My previous occupations were gold prospector and musician, both for 30 odd years overlapping for a few years. Most of the time i was working on some boring job to finance these long shot gambles, always aiming for a eureka moment. I had some high times but most of what i got from it was how to deal with poverty and failure. So i dont need to do that any more. I am already an expert at that. I have been given the gift of desperation and i am prepared to go to any length to let go of the things about myself that hold me back. So yes my work needs to be worthwhile so i can believe in it and sell it. But it is not all about me. i am just lucky enough to be making it. The only thing i learned of use to me in 4 years at art school was that i need to join in the mob looking at my art and look as hard as anyone else is. Fearless and thorough and then run on my own opinion of what i need to do to improve it or find new directions. But they have to be for sale or i aint making them. If they sell that is a bonus. I am still a learner so maybe this is all horsemanure but it is motivating me at the moment. victor cj pearson

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