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Re: Meet Kate Moss - contorted

I'm reading this thread and looking at the pictures of live Kate Moss and the 'Yoga Mannequins' and I am thinking I would be more interested in seeing pictures of sculptures made by Kate Moss. I mean, why not? She probably isn't art trained or particularly interested in sculpture (maybe she is, I didn't check) but I bet her celebrity would be enough to get her a London gallery show and a few write ups in the tabloids and the Arts and Leisure sections of more 'serious' daily papers.

Give Kate Moss 50-100 pounds of air dry clay + a bucket full of doll parts/drawer handles/plastic cutlery and a day to make something with it - come back when the clay is dry and spray paint the whole thing white or gold and the result would be more interesting to look at than these Yoga Mannequin things. If she promised to donate a portion of any sales to charity (she already does a bunch of charity stuff) she could get a ton of good press (to counter the whole 'COCAINE BAD' thing she has now) and maybe get a bunch of other celebrities to jump in on the action.
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