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Re: Meet Kate Moss - contorted

Phil - I also wonder what Quinn is proposing to do by ‘setting in stone’ what seems alien to it. After all, a sculptor/artist preoccupied with modernity might be better using modern materials – as with Rachel Whiteread’s use of resin. When Whiteread uses her other favourite medium, plaster casting, she uses the medium in a subtle way that evokes the history of the material and its rich allusions. Since you can’t do this with resin she uses this medium for different purposes. Why make Moss sculptures in marble and bronze? I would say, for the same reason as Whiteread uses plaster. But the Quinn sculptures of Moss in marble and bronze appear to DENY the history of these media by simply not recognising them and what Whiteread might call the ‘memory’ of the culture that resides in some media.
The techniques of mass production are also perhaps better applied to modern media, rather than to stone and bronze. Quinn’s pieces deny the hand (they are stripped of the sense of an artist at work, as with Michelangelo’s pieces) in a way that is typical of much modernist sculpture and art. So why use the media of the hand?? I also think one of the reasons why these sculptures are often described as lifeless is the use of media that have, by tradition, been used to represent and express personal emotion, artistic individuality and technical brilliance. If you go abstract, you can get over these problems; if you go figurative you can't help but evoke this grand tradition. This is what makes his work disappointing. The carving of the good stonemason is OK for the cemetery, but fails in the gallery.

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