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Re: Sculpture CD's, anyone?

I have used CDs for several years and find that they best serve the Press. I have had great photos printed in the Press because I included a JEPG file of my portfolio with MS Word and TXT files of the any documentation such as CVs and accompanying text. (TIFF is usually too big a file). So for Press Releases or Kits a CD works wonderfully, don't send big emails or the journalist may be upset with you for clogging up their inbox. If you use a power point presentation for the Press keep it short.
I do not own any slides of my work and to have slides made from digital photographs seems to be impossible, so unfortunately any art competition or gallery that asks for slides I have to pass over. There seems to be real resistance to CD technology by some curators, more in the US than Europe is my impression, but I think that it will be the way of the future. Once you have gone digital it is difficult and expensive to go back and compatibility with operating systems is becoming less of an issue.
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