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Re: Sculpture CD's, anyone?

Originally Posted by wasn'tme
think that you have hit on an idea that would be interesting to tackle. while i am on here has anyone heard of a guy that grew sculpture from running an electrical charge thru sea water and plating steel with the heavy metals in the water. I was told about him once but don't remember his name thanks
Can't comment on this, but I read during my chemistry years about a decade or two ago that people were considering recovery of gold, platinum and other valuable metals by electrolysis (your process) on seawater. The amounts present, overall, are astounding, but metals are so dilute that no one has found a commercial method.

Manganese, on the other hand, a valuable steel additive, precipitates naturally in the ocean, and was recovered quite extensively, though still experimentally, in the eastern Pacific about twenty years ago. Since that time, “black smokers”, or undersea volcanic vents, have been found to be sources of deposits such as this, but I’m not sure if they are the only source.

We always need to keep our eyes open for opportunity!

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