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Re: Achieving a smooth surface with plastiline clay

If you don't mind using a soft clay you should try Van Aken gray green or Van Aken sculpture gray clays. I use metel tools with this clay and there is no sticking to the tools and yet the clay sticks to itself very well.
Another thing if you want to use a firmer clay I use Chavant NSP soft gray or
Chavant NSP medium gray. These clays are sticky but if you use metal tools
and heat the tools using a small oil lamp the clay smooths real well.
Usually I rough out the Chavant clays with my tools and than heat the tools for finnishing.
Another thing to consider if you want to reproduce your finnished sculptures is to use a clay that
does not have sulpher in it. Most molds are made out of silicone and silicone rubber is badly affected by sulpher.
Van Aken and Chavant NSP [non sulpher plastilina] have no sulpher in them.
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