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Re: International Sculpture Center

Hmmm, sounding pretty good so far.

I have some venue connections at colleges that I will look into. Very possible that a show could have an inside AND outside component. Keep in mind the next open slot at any venue might be many months off - but you never know. If I can find something local (for me) then I will volunteer all the legwork of receiving and return shipping of art (as long as everything is pre-paid) and storing shipping containers during the show.

Let me see what I can do.

Originally Posted by evaldart View Post
eligibility: a forum history has already intoduced us to each other. Those participating folk.
I think this is a subject worth debating. This might be the incentive for those lurkers out there to become more public. The forum is read by a lot of people they may not be as participatory but should they too be offered the chance to show?

I think the next step should be to secure a venue and a firm date. We can then see how much work we can accommodate and if the venue has any money to contribute.
Then we could start a thread with the specs for submitting work (the logistics not a jury) and as a place for answering questions, coordinating rides, and all that jazz.
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