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Re: Sculpture Mag web

Hi Julianna!

I don't see any pending images from you, so something's definitely going wrong. Typically, when someone has trouble uploading an image, I'll at least be sent the sculpture's name (and the media, size, etc.), with a picture of a broken image and red X. But I'm not seeing anything from you yet.

And your images are definitely under 50k? We posted a couple of photoshop tips for resizing them, here:

If you haven't followed those steps, that might be worth a try. Other things I can think of that could cause an uploading problem... your images might be in CMYK color, or might be saving as gif files. Neither of those images will successfully upload. It could also be an issue with your internet connection or our server being sluggish when you last tried the upload. Give it another shot and let's see what happens, or you can always email me a sample of your images and I'll take a look.
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