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Re: Sculpture CD's, anyone?; community resources

Originally Posted by sculptorsam
So, if I save a disk on my PC with a Microsoft text file and JPEGs, MAC users can see them as well? And can't we just get all these programmers in a room, force them to duke it out, and the winner gets to set the standard for compatibility?!
I think TIFF format is readable by both PCs and MACs, and the quality is better than JPEG.

Plain text files (e.g. TXT) should be readable by PCs and MACs. Anything else (RTF, DOC, etc) usually require program-specific capabilities. HTML might be a good way to get around things, if you have a word-processing program which can convert your document into HTML for you. That way, you can format things better than in plain text.

I'm not sure about whether a CD made on a PC can be read on a MAC, but I can find out if someone's interested (rather, I can find out sooner if someone's interested ).

I agree about having the tech wizzards duke it out!
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