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Smile Re: Sculpture CD's, anyone?; community resources

Originally Posted by Araich
I produce CD's of my shows... but I have learnt to keep it simple. Compatibility issues are a real problem for multimedia. Even something as simple as auto-play gets complex if you account for both PC and MAC users with varying versions.
So the judgement I have made is to simply place screen resolution images of the show in the root, along with a copyright and explanation notes - all in a simple text file. Then 2 folders, one with print resoultion images of the show, the other with approx 100 previous works at screen resolution.
It may not be flashy, but it is idiot proof. Most users can then use their local software to see as thumbnails or as a slideshow or what ever.
I print a nice CD label, and run off a stack for the gallery and for press release stuff.

If I had a video camera, I might also add a movie to the root.
You continue to impress me, Robert. It's no surprise why you are so successful.
Do you need an apprentice? (Joking about that of course. It's kind of a long walk and swim.) But truthfully I could learn a lot by watching you in action.
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