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Re: Sculpture CD's, anyone?; community resources

I tossed this Sculpture CD ball in the air to see where it would go. I saw from the beginning that these would be difficult for individual sculptors to produce, but I do think they will become common.

They can offer a way for individual sculptors, sculpture associations, or galleries to broaden markets. They can offer museums a way to increase visibility of collections, and they can offer individuals, schools, and libraries a way to enrich their own visual resources.

I would suggest that anyone wanting to take this further look into working with a regional sculpture group or a local university. Community-sponsored video centers ought to be adapting for CD production about now, if they arenít already doing this

Specifically, they have had to face the music-copyright issue for many years and should be able to help with that issue. University video or theater departments also probably could help.

And, the new ISC Executive Director has extensive background with copyright matters. Perhaps ISC could offer aid to individuals or groups in these matters.
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