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Sculpture CD's, anyone?

Itís got to happen sooner or later, and probably sooner. Just tonight, at the next table three musicians, clearly from out-of-town, were discussing recordings. New Orleans has been heavily promoting itself as a music center for probably a half-dozen years now, as a sort of Nashville for jazz, but the local scene is much more varied than jazz. Iím more visual than audial, so I donít watch the scene much (as if I have time, just trying each day to get some studio time), but national news in general is hot on self-produced CDís of all sorts, because of fast-dropping production costs.

A sculpture CD almost certainly would be a multimedia affair, hopefully with the sculpture being centerstage. If the sculpture is mobile, great! If not, a video once-around, or multi-around, depending on how dizzy you want to make the spectator. With fades? And music, of course! Classical in my case, but pop, country, jazz, hardrock, ...? And maybe a ballet underlay or overlay?
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