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Re: welding corten to stainless

Originally Posted by iron ant
I am designing a sculpture that will be corten steel and stainless steel.Have any of you sculptor hounds ever welded the two together with a mig.Would I have to use a tri mix gas?Would you only get one pass before it got too hot and cracked?Also ,is corten more like hot rolled or cold rolled steel when you work it?It seems like corten was used more back in the 70's,hard to find,but cental steel sevices seems to be the place to buy.....
Working backwards which is a highly refined skill of mine... Let me look at your first questions now,
Corten is very formable while cold and responds well to cold hammering or breaking (bending) in a press. Corten feels a little softer than hot rolled mild steel when hand forming.
Corten will not heat harden at all so you can weld on it until your out of stainless wire and be just fine.
I'm still pretty sure I used an argon cover gas for my welding of the stainless and corten.
Yes I read the date of your original post on this topic, the work has probably been long finished by now.

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