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Thumbs up Re: Achieving a smooth surface with plastiline clay

Thanks so much for the recomendation.
I'll look into some different brands.
I agree with you, credit cards are great surface scrapers. I also use them but to paint with. I've have five sculptures under my belt and I've had such a great responce from friends and family.

My cousin showed my work to a friend of his who runs a well known art school in New York. He is trying to find me some backing and told me to write out a two year budget, showing how much it would take for me to just sculpt for two years.

I'm feel like I'm dreaming. Being self taught and my work having such an impact someone, just blows me away. I must admit most of the time I look at my work and think "how did I do that", but when I'm working it's almost automatic. so when I would hit a road block like this surface thing I would wish I had someone to ask. Thats why this site is great.
Thanks again,
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