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Re: Is anyone making any money ?

I make a little money from selling my bronzes, my price range is 100.00-2000.00. The small stuff sells the most because of where I show my work, pretty much the middle of nowhere as far as the "art world" goes. But it's where I live, can't move, husband can't leave his job, older parents nearby also that we don't want to leave. I sold two small ones yesterday at an outdoor art show, for 175.00. Pays for gas and food and entry fee. BUT, another artist remembered one of my pieces from when it was in a show 4 years ago, and told me how much he liked it and remembered it, I met another moldmaking woman who had to give me a hug and called me sister, and said there isn't very many of us, one of my new little ones made so many people laugh, and that feels good. Not had the nerve yet to approach a gallery in a city, but a smalltown gallery sells something about once a month. My job at the foundry pasy less than 10 bucks an hour, no insurance, we have to earn our paid days off, BUT I get to cast most of my work for nada, zilch, (do all the labor of course), and right now I'm working on two clay enlargements that are such an honor to work on because of who the artist are, and what they have accomplished. Doing these enlargements are maybe really going to pan out in the long run. If I ever have the opportuntiy to do my own large, it won't be a technical learning experience. Making money is very important to me, BUT it always seems to be balanced by these other art related experiences that you can't put a price on. I want to say more, BUT have to get ready to go back to art show and maybe make a few dollars more. Ya'll have a good day!

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