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I will pass your comment on to the charities. However, both of the charities sited here will not spend any money on their web site and only have volunteers who do this work for them. It is too bad but then I agree with this as I would not want to see any of the money that we are raising to go a web site, I would rather clear some landmines from a few meters of land.

We have some of our videos up on the site now check them out HERE
I have found that our videos will not play on Internet Explorer at all, they have buffering problems on Safari but play very well on FireFox which you can get for free HERE
Please let me know how you make out so we can correct the problems.

The videos of the sculptures are meant to be art in and of themselves and most are the creations of Surinder Singh who has been a partner with me in this project. We also have an ad for landmine clearance that was done by Samantha Shaw, thanks Sam.
The tails (endings) are all different and I was hoping to get some feed back as to which ones people like best.
Please feel free to comment either on the Motive-art site or here at
Art that does not attempt the impossible is not performing its function. W.B. Yeats
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