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Re: help with sculpture school.

It would help to know what type of sculpture you'd like to study. Different schools have different curicullums and some more suited to your needs. I'll talk about the one I know. The Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna Beach, Ca.. That's my Alma Matter, I graduated about 10 years ago. I learned almost everything I know about sculpture from my proffesor (and good friend) Raymond Persinger. The school is small, but they have a small foundry and (in my opinion) the best figurative sculpture curicullum on the west coast. Sadly however, sculpture is only a minor there. It has never become a major. I've tried many times, talking to different presidents of the school, to make the sculpture department into a major, but I have not been succesful. However, if your just interested in getting a great education in sculpture, and being around a very creative environment, I would highly suggest that school. It is strickly figurative in the Fine Art Major (no abstract works). They also have Design, Video Game, Illustration, and Animation Majors.

Good Luck finding a school.

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