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Re: Abstract Art vs Realism

Thank you for your kind words.
Perhaps non-objective work requires further consideration on your part, there is nothing a wonderful as a good teacher and I think that there is value here.
I was originally taught abstract art, as that was the trend in North America at the time I was studying. I had to go to Europe to learn figurative sculpture and it was hard to find someone to teach me. I think that this non-objective way of working was very good training and would suggest that you look at Sculptorsam for just one example of first class abstract work on this site, (there are many others as well). The abstract helped me with composition, balance, line, form as well as negative space, weight and volume, movement, and colour to name a few of the essential elements in art, so it was a great base upon which to build. I was going against the trend when I started but only because I love the figure, not because I thought myself a trend setter or anything. Flipping back and forth as Jason and Happysculpting seems to be able to do, is just not possible for me, the last abstract piece I tried I failed badly at and I have not gone there since, but perhaps I too should return to face this challenge, if only as an exercise, both of us could be pleasantly surprised.
Cantab has an excellent point, often the composition of a work benefits from abstract planning and design.

Art that does not attempt the impossible is not performing its function. W.B. Yeats
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