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Re: help with sculpture school.

Originally Posted by tina1423 View Post
I am looking to study sculpture in california. I am going to visit Berkeley and several other schools. I am in need of ideas about sculpture school. I love working in clay. any ideas?
Aside from signing up to study at an expensive art school, there are other ways to learn about sculpture. It's hard to justify loading yourself up with a lot of debt to qualify for jobs that don't exist, or a profession that won't make you any money, at least in the short term.

Identify the sort of sculpture that excites you, find out who's making it, and see if you can persuade that artist to give you some lessons. It's bound to be more cost-effective than paying for the administrative overhead of a college as well as the teacher.

Of course, there are still community colleges in California with ceramics and sculpture departments, which aren't nearly as costly as the 4-year art schools. In the Bay area, you might check out Contra Costa College in Richmond, and Laney in Oakland, among others.

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