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Re: art and technology, an interesting mix

Hmmmm....well, let me be the first to respond to your ancient thread, Oddist.

Interesting stuff, alright, but even I, a digital sculptor trying to make my virtual works "real" via rapid prototyping, have to ask, "but, is it art?" For me, the ephemeral nature of such exhibits and installations makes it difficult to accept them as artworks, not to mention the fact their existence as objets de art is questionable, in the first place. But then, I suppose the definition of art has to change, just as language does, with exposure to new ideas, right? Afterall, I'd like people to accept my virtual works as real sculpture and, admittedly, my quest to have them brought into the physical realm via rapid prototyping is some form of response to the popular notion that they are not "real sculpture." By giving them, finally, a physical presence, do they only then become sculpture, or does the definition of sculpture need to broaden to include virtual representations, much in the same way that unbuilt architecture is still appreciated as architecture, even if it consists only of drawings on paper?

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